Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 1

They say sometimes the best time to start a blog is when a life-changing event occurs. I'd say I have a few. The first one is I just moved out of my parents house to an apartment in Provo last night. The second is I started a new job today at BYU. The third is I will be starting school next monday. I think that just about covers everything. 

Yesterday I was thinking about New Years resolutions. I love to organize and categorize stuff. So I was thinking of different types of resolutions. Some are achievement type goals. Others include developing or breaking a habit. I'd also include a category of developing or breaking a characteristic about oneself (being more honest, being less worried). I then proceeded to start a very rough draft of my resolutions for 2009. I don't want too many resolutions. I also want to pick ones that I am truly committed to. Lets face it, if I am not committed to it, it wont happen and it will likely end up on next year's resolutions. 

So here they are:
1. Something to accomplish: do community service
2. Habit to break: eating too many goodies
3. Habit to develop: bringing journal to church for notes
4. Attribute to develop: missionary work
5. Be in Times Square 12/31/09

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