Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Infamous 25 Things About Me Post

This was taken from my note on facebook. However, I have modified some of the information just because more people have access to this information than on my facebook (or so I'd like to believe)

1. I was born in California and did not talk like a Utahn the first half of my life.
2. I am blind in my right eye.
3. I used to do Irish Dance for about 3 years.
4. I played the violin for 7 years, stopped after high school, and will start up again this year.
5. I always have a song in my head.
6. I hate practicing for my singing class.
7. I have 5 half brothers and sisters in addition to an older brother and a younger sister.
8. I started kindergarten when I was 4, so I was ahead a year in school but I am not gifted or smart.
9. I'm honest to a fault.
10. I've never broken a bone.
11. I served a mission in upstate New York and love ny style pizza. and wings.
12. I will spend a lot of money on a good haircut.
13. I will also spend a lot for my snowboard to have a good spa treatment.
14. I am narcissistic and vain. Its been a closet obsession of mine but I am coming out. I've told two of my roommates and now the world of facebook.
15. I am at work obviously not working right now.I've also spent way too much time on this note.
16. I want to study accounting, but the program is hard to get into. I might change to something else.
17. I never watch tv, although I like the office.
18. I have a Jewish bloodline. But I am not of the Jewish faith. But I do have the urge to celebrate Hanukkah every year.
19. I spend all my time working and studying.
20. I used to be scared of the dark and I still fear walking home alone in the dark.
21. I want to go skydiving and compete in a tri-athalon or bike marathon before I die.
22. I wonder if I should put anything negative about myself in this note.
23. I go shopping but I generally dont like shopping for myself.
24. I show affection through sarcasm and teasing.
25. I have two middle names. I was named after my grandmother. Since I was born at home, my mom took care of getting my name on the birth certificate. That middle name was part of her name. When I was being blessed as a baby, my dad knew my middle name involved part of my grandma's name, but seemed to think it was the other part. My birth certificate and social security card dont match. My church and school records dont match my drivers license or birth certificate. Its a problem I am still avoiding.

Exact Science and Wikipedia Rant

It's an exact science. Every time, without fail, I can walk away from my desk and the phone will ring. Often times I am in a position (quite literally) where I can't just drop what I'm doing to run and get the phone. But I can be sitting at my desk for literally two hours without getting up and the phone wont ring the entire time.

Why is Wikipedia the end all for referencing information? I posed this question in my last blog. I have not thought about this one enough yet but here are a few ideas. 1. Conformity and Compatibility. I know this statement is a fallacy but since everyone references Wikipedia, everyone references it. I dont mean literally everyone, its just an overstatement. Anyway, it's the same concept of a majority of the world using MS Suite to accomplish a variety of needs. If you type a document in Corel WordPerfect and email it off, chances are your receiver will open it in Word. Of course, these feelings are side effects of my opinion that too many people in this world use PC operating systems because of conformity and compatibility. And they are too set in their ways.

Back to the original discussion of Wikipedia. It is a reference tool that is always being updated, as opposed to paper based references, which are updated not nearly as often. I have been reading the About section of Wikipedia and it linked me to a page about what Wikipedia is and is not. I will briefly summarize what Wikipedia is not:

1. A paper encyclopedia
2. A dictionary (see google for dictionary)
3. A publisher of original thought
4. A soap box
5. A mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files
6. A blog, webspace provider, social networking, or memorial site
7. A directory
8. A manual, guidebook, or textbook
9. A crystal ball (yes this was on their site)
10. An indiscriminate collection of information
11. Cencored

Its also not a democracy, a bureaucracy, a battleground, an anarchy, or your web host.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Credible Stuff

One of my future research projects involves finding out why Wikipedia is the most credible web source out there. It tends to be the "end all" of sources.

Another thing I've noticed is when person A is trying to make something happen on their computer. They try numerous times and it doesn't work. So they call in person B. Person B can be literally anyone--computer skilled or not--and whatever they are trying to do suddenly works.

Theory 1: The computer has power. We have power. It's the classic two-against-one theory. When you have the powers of two people against one machine, we can overpower it.

Theory 2: The computer just doesn't like you and will give you as much hassle as possible, but will behave when anyone else is there because it wants to make you look foolish.