Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dr Sexy, this is dedicated to you!

Dr. Sexy and I have this joke where we tell funny pickup lines. well, its mostly a one-sided game. anyway, i came up with one today. here it is.

if there was a price to awesomeness and attractiveness, baby you'd make me broke in a second.

here is another one:
(when you hug dr sexy, jump back and exclaim) "ouch! you burned me; you're so hot"

there have been other silly lines, but i cant think of them right now.

writing... and other forms of release

people usually pursue a form of release from the stresses they face. Some examples include writing, music, sports, sleeping, talking, or other hobbies. they usually default to the one that they're good at because it gives them confidence. when you dump all of the emotion into something and you are pleased with the end result, you have that feeling of satisfaction.

who wants to go play sports when they're stressed if they're not good at sports? it just compounds to the stress. some would argue its just a different kind of stress and they'd like the change. no thanks. i'd usually rather trade stress for no stress.

however there is one athletic form of stress release i'll pursue. its trading one form of stress for another. its snowboarding. when i'm snowboarding, i focus so much on boarding that i dont think much about other problems. that, and sometimes i'm just so concentrated on not dying that i dont have time to think about anything else.

some stress relief avenues temporarily distract our minds from the things that stress us. other things, (like for me, writing) helps us see the stressors clearer and that can lower the stress level.

but what really frustrates me is when i try to write to express myself, but the words dont come out. or there are gaps in the written thoughts that dont capture the entire picture. there's not a whole lot more i can do to try and release those thoughts, feelings and emotions. and they cant stay in my head. they gotta get out somehow. maybe i should try abstract drawing. normal drawing only stresses me out more because i cant make things look the way they're supposed to look.

the other ways i can find those feelings of release, although not as intensely, are snowboarding and talking with people. i cant do snowboarding year round and i havent found another affordable alternative. skydiving was a good method, although super expensive. talking with people usually helps cause it forces things out, but i usually have such a hard time getting words out that i get frustrated that i cant convey my thoughts to people accurately. plus, when you happen to be talking to someone who just wants to fix your problem rather than empathize, its lame.

ok, so, this blog is super unorganized. and thats how my writing comes out sometimes. and i dont wanna take the time to sort it all out. sometimes my writing and my thoughts fit together perfectly like a little puzzle. but other time its just a bunch of pieces scattered that are somewhat related but not put together very well.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Talking to the dog...sorta

I feel like that little girl on that old LDS commercial where she tries to show a picture she made to her mom and her dad. No one will take the time to listen to her. So she shows her picture to the dog. I wanted to talk to my mom this morning. She was sick. I wanted to talk to another friend of mine this morning about running. We didn't have time for that in the conversation. So here I am talking to my blog.

I started running in the middle of May. I ran 6 days a week on my mission for exercise. I learned to like it. I came home and planned to keep running. However, Utah has a much higher altitude than New York, so I quit running quickly due to the fact that it was harder. I was not up for the challenge at that point. Fast forward to a year later. I've been wanting to do something for exercise. I liked running. I just needed a motivation. So I went and bought some running shoes. That got me excited. Most of my running shoes have been hand-me-downs so I was thrilled that these were MY shoes. Bran new. I had a pair of nikes in jr high and a pair of sauconys in high school but yeah. Anyway.

So then I got this idea that I would train for a 5k. On the mission I decided I wanted to do a bike race. When I came home from my mission, my friend Kristina was training for a triathalon. I have this tendency for always wanting to do what Kristina does (we were locker partners a lot in school, I followed her to Weber, lived in the same apartment complex as her, went on a mission just like she did) so here I am thinking, oh a triathalon seems cool, I want to train for that some time. I also have had an admiration for my aunt, who at the age of about 40, ran a marathon. That has been in the back of my mind as well. So here I am training for my 5k in July. Its not a very long race and one wouldnt think a lot of training is necessary for that short of a race. But for me, its a goal. And that goal has motivated me to push myself a little. There is no way I'd just go out and run longer than 5 minutes if I didnt have a goal to work toward.

I run on the streets of Provo. I dont like running on a track or treadmill because I dunno, it just seems too fake. Predictable? But one thing I dont like about running on the streets (aside from the occasional air pollution) is that its harder to track how fast I am running. I am figuring out how to do that now, but it has taken me a few weeks. When I first started running, I didnt care about speed--just distance. But now I am concerned with both. Today I calculated I am running roughly 5 mph. I'd like to be running around 6 mph. However, some of my daily runs include hills, so there is the potential that I might be a little faster if I wasnt running up hills part of the time.

The first week I started running, day one included a .5 mile jog. Day two was like .75 miles. Haha here I am a little over a month later and my "normal run" is 2.4 miles and this Saturday, my long run will be 3 miles. After the 5k, I'd like to be able to continue to slowly increase my distance. I'd like to be able to go do a 10 mile run and have it be a fairly decent workout but nothing that kills me (psychologically, physically, aerobically). And maybe if I continue to increase my distance in little increments, I could do a half marathon next summer. Or even a full marathon? Wow thats crazy to think.

So today I ran 2.4 miles in the morning. I feel so good throughout the day. I noticed when I was running shorter distances, I wouldnt get that same good feeling. My heart feels happy. Thats a good way to describe it. I dont know why I have to run longer than the standard 20 minutes to get that feeling. I think this is the feeling people are supposed to get after 20 minutes of exercise to get that cardio workout. But for me, it takes just a little longer. But it feels great.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bubba's Resume

Sometimes correct spelling just doesn’t matter…
My Resimay 
To hoom it mae cunsern,

I waunt to apply for the job what I saw in the paper.
I kin Type realee qwik wit one finggar and do sum a counting.

I think I am good on the fone and I no I am a pepole person, Pepole realee seam to reespond too me well. Certain men and all the ladies.

I no my spelling is not too good but find that I Offen can get a job wit my persinalety.  
My salerery is open so we kin discus wat you want to pay me and wat you think that I am werth,

I kin start emeditely.  Thank yoo in advanse fore yore anser.

hopifuly Yore best aplicant so farr.



PS: Because my resimay is a bit short - below is a pickture of me. 



 Employer's response:.... 
Dear Bubba,

It's OK, we've got spell check.

See you Monday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

QWERTY Keyboard vs Dvorak Keyboard


The QWERTY keyboard is intentionally ineffecient and akward. this keyboard takes twice as long to learn as it should and makes us work about twenty times harder than necessary. QWERTY was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes, who designed this keyboard to slow down typists. In his day, the type bars on a typewriter hung down in sort of a basket and pivoted up to strike the paper; then they fell back into place by gravity. when two adjoining keys were struck rapidly in succession, they jammed. Sholes rearranged the keys on a typewriter keyboard to minimize such jamming; he "anti-engineered" the letter arrangement in order to make the most commonly used letter sequences awkward. by thus making it difficult for a typist to operate the machine and slowing down typing speed, Shole's QWERTY keyboard allowed early typewriters to operate with a minimum of jamming. his design was then used in the manufacture of all typewriters.

Typewriters became mechanically more efficient, and the QWERTY keyboard design was no longer necessary to prevent jamming. the search for an improved design was led by Professor August Dvorak at the University of Washington, who in 1932 used time-and-motion studies to create a much more efficient keyboard arrangment. Dvorak filmed people while they were typing and spent a decade analyzing which operations slowed them down. the Dvorak keyboard has the letters A,O,E,U,I,D,H,T,N, and S across the home row of the typewriter. Less frequently used letters were placed on the upper and lower rows of keys. about 70 percent of typing is done on the home row, 22 percent on the upper row, and 8 percent on the lower row. On the Dvorak keyboard, hte amount of work assigned to each finger is proprtionate to its skill and strength. further, Professor Dvorak engineered his keyboard so that successive keystrokes fell on alterative hands; thus, while a finger on one hand is stroking a key, a finger on the other hand can be moving into position to hit the next key. typing rhythm is thus facilitated; this hand alternation was achieved by putting the viwels (which represent 40 percent of all letters typed) on the left-hand side and the major consonants that usually accompany these vowels on the right-hand side of the keyboard.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

He goes on dates every weekend...and they're not with you

This a blog I drafted about 3 weeks ago when I saw He's Just Not That Into You. I decided to just post the draft as it is.

I've had a lot of experiences over the past month that have helped me recognize when a guy’s not into me. A lot of guys have come into my path lately who are nice…just not into me. But I kept making various excuses like “oh he’s busy” or “he’s shy” or (the best one “he just got off the mission and is adjusting.” (p.s. don’t even go there) The list goes on and on.

The truth is, if he’s interested in you, he’ll call. He’ll make it happen. No matter what. Even if he is shy. He’ll still put forth effort. I’ve talked about this discovery with a few of my friends the past week or two and they are happy for me in making this discovery but I know at the back of their minds, they are thinking “duh Katie.”

From all of this I made the conclusion that it is easy to tell if a guy is into you. This conclusion literally came last week. And I’ve decided to quit trying to read into things that are not. I tell myself “he’s not into you. Don’t read into it. Don’t do all the work” And last weekend I went snowboarding with some friends. I didn’t bother with trying to figure out if one of them liked me and to be honest, I had a great time. I could have ruined a perfectly fun snowboard trip with trying to figure out if someone (who is not interested) is interested. No thank you.

Today, my roommate and I went to see the movie He’s Just Not That Into You. I liked the point of the story. It reinforced a lot of what I’ve experienced the past month.

Its easy for us to look at these scenarios in third-person and say “hello!? Can’t you see he’s just not into you?” but we’ve all been in these scenarios first-person where we aren’t interpreting the signs correctly. Plus our friends ALWAYS feed us stories about how their cousin’s best friend’s niece had the same experience and now they are married. Nearly everyone I've talked to who has seen this movie relates to at least one experience or character.

The movie asks you, “are you the rule or the exception to the rule?” and it determines to prove this girl is the rule. Then at the end, she becomes the exception to the rule. The truth is…our lives are so unique. No two lives are exactly the same. Yet we look for reassurance in comparing similar experiences and hoping for similar outcomes. How many of us take a class at school and finish with the exact same end grade percentage? We want there to be these absolute truths, these rules to live by. These scenarios that worked for someone else, so it will make our lives easier if they apply to us as well. But the truth is…these rules are personal and catered to each person. Just because it worked for her doesn’t mean it will work for you. You just need to follow your heart and do what feels right for you.

The movie had some good messages but those messages were wrapped around a lot of unnecessary trash. I really related to some of the scenarios and felt especially connected to the film because of my experiences over the past month. My roommate appreciated the fact that the girl started to respect herself more, even if meant more time by herself.

The experiences I really related to were the fact that Gigi had a hard time understanding the signals (of un-interest) that guys would send to her. She would try real hard to "coincidentally" run into a guy she liked. She would do all the work of trying to get dates.

Well, I don't have a good transition to end this blog so...yeah. And its funny that I had to write a rough draft for this blog….

Thursday, March 5, 2009


There needs to be more analysis done on the restroom. What a great sanctuary from the world. First of all, the restroom helps you fulfil one of your physiological needs. We talked about Maslow's hierarchy of needs in my mcomm class last night so that is on my mind. You can literally escape the world in the restroom. Once you enter that stall, no one will bother you for nearly anything. Need a personal moment? Hide in the restroom.

Its also great that a lot of womens restrooms have couches and chairs to chill if you need more time away from most of the public.

I'm writing this blog specifically because I was in the restroom today and this girl whom I dont know just decided to compliment me on my shoes. It was great! And it happened in the restroom. It made my day.

Oh and I promise there is a blog coming on my analysis of He's Just Not That Into You. Coming Soon.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Infamous 25 Things About Me Post

This was taken from my note on facebook. However, I have modified some of the information just because more people have access to this information than on my facebook (or so I'd like to believe)

1. I was born in California and did not talk like a Utahn the first half of my life.
2. I am blind in my right eye.
3. I used to do Irish Dance for about 3 years.
4. I played the violin for 7 years, stopped after high school, and will start up again this year.
5. I always have a song in my head.
6. I hate practicing for my singing class.
7. I have 5 half brothers and sisters in addition to an older brother and a younger sister.
8. I started kindergarten when I was 4, so I was ahead a year in school but I am not gifted or smart.
9. I'm honest to a fault.
10. I've never broken a bone.
11. I served a mission in upstate New York and love ny style pizza. and wings.
12. I will spend a lot of money on a good haircut.
13. I will also spend a lot for my snowboard to have a good spa treatment.
14. I am narcissistic and vain. Its been a closet obsession of mine but I am coming out. I've told two of my roommates and now the world of facebook.
15. I am at work obviously not working right now.I've also spent way too much time on this note.
16. I want to study accounting, but the program is hard to get into. I might change to something else.
17. I never watch tv, although I like the office.
18. I have a Jewish bloodline. But I am not of the Jewish faith. But I do have the urge to celebrate Hanukkah every year.
19. I spend all my time working and studying.
20. I used to be scared of the dark and I still fear walking home alone in the dark.
21. I want to go skydiving and compete in a tri-athalon or bike marathon before I die.
22. I wonder if I should put anything negative about myself in this note.
23. I go shopping but I generally dont like shopping for myself.
24. I show affection through sarcasm and teasing.
25. I have two middle names. I was named after my grandmother. Since I was born at home, my mom took care of getting my name on the birth certificate. That middle name was part of her name. When I was being blessed as a baby, my dad knew my middle name involved part of my grandma's name, but seemed to think it was the other part. My birth certificate and social security card dont match. My church and school records dont match my drivers license or birth certificate. Its a problem I am still avoiding.

Exact Science and Wikipedia Rant

It's an exact science. Every time, without fail, I can walk away from my desk and the phone will ring. Often times I am in a position (quite literally) where I can't just drop what I'm doing to run and get the phone. But I can be sitting at my desk for literally two hours without getting up and the phone wont ring the entire time.

Why is Wikipedia the end all for referencing information? I posed this question in my last blog. I have not thought about this one enough yet but here are a few ideas. 1. Conformity and Compatibility. I know this statement is a fallacy but since everyone references Wikipedia, everyone references it. I dont mean literally everyone, its just an overstatement. Anyway, it's the same concept of a majority of the world using MS Suite to accomplish a variety of needs. If you type a document in Corel WordPerfect and email it off, chances are your receiver will open it in Word. Of course, these feelings are side effects of my opinion that too many people in this world use PC operating systems because of conformity and compatibility. And they are too set in their ways.

Back to the original discussion of Wikipedia. It is a reference tool that is always being updated, as opposed to paper based references, which are updated not nearly as often. I have been reading the About section of Wikipedia and it linked me to a page about what Wikipedia is and is not. I will briefly summarize what Wikipedia is not:

1. A paper encyclopedia
2. A dictionary (see google for dictionary)
3. A publisher of original thought
4. A soap box
5. A mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files
6. A blog, webspace provider, social networking, or memorial site
7. A directory
8. A manual, guidebook, or textbook
9. A crystal ball (yes this was on their site)
10. An indiscriminate collection of information
11. Cencored

Its also not a democracy, a bureaucracy, a battleground, an anarchy, or your web host.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Credible Stuff

One of my future research projects involves finding out why Wikipedia is the most credible web source out there. It tends to be the "end all" of sources.

Another thing I've noticed is when person A is trying to make something happen on their computer. They try numerous times and it doesn't work. So they call in person B. Person B can be literally anyone--computer skilled or not--and whatever they are trying to do suddenly works.

Theory 1: The computer has power. We have power. It's the classic two-against-one theory. When you have the powers of two people against one machine, we can overpower it.

Theory 2: The computer just doesn't like you and will give you as much hassle as possible, but will behave when anyone else is there because it wants to make you look foolish.