Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interesting things I found

I have made it a common event to post interesting links onto Brandon's facebook wall. Today, I have found a lot of interesting stuff. There is too much to simply post in a status update, and I know better than to flood the news feed with 12 status updates containing all this stuff in individual entries. These thoughts prompted me to decide I should make better use of my blog. tons of articles written by we the people of provo an interesting attack on ( no longer exists) buy at your local Walmart. Eat bread, help the environment this guy is almost as hard as Chuck Norris Speaking of Chuck Norris... I will check this place out at some point. Chocolate. Need I say more? If you're bored here in Utah more stuff to do if you're bored in Utah I dont think I can adequately explain why I think this site is interesting

I've begun running again. I think I started about three weeks ago. The other day I ran 2.3 miles. I typically run 3-4 times a week, depending on various conditions (reminds me of Stats 221 "Check for conditions: SRS? Normal Distribution?") I ought to write a blog on how Stats 221 changed my life (possibly for worse).

Referencing that link earlier in this post about running rules, I thought I'd quote one part that was particularly interesting to me:

My dog, a shepherd mix named Cooper, doesn't care where we are or what time of day it is, or even what the weather is like. He doesn't know what his resting heart rate is and rarely bothers to wear a watch. He just loves to run. And every time he does, his face and his body telegraph one simple message: This. Is. AWESOME. I'm runningrunningrunningrunning!

The "Run Like a Dog" Workout (Including Warmup and Cooldown) Walk 8 seconds. Trot 4 seconds. Stop. Sniff. Sprint 7 seconds. Freeze. Walk 5 seconds in any direction but forward. Stare 9 seconds. Lunge at rabbit. Double back, walk 3 seconds. Urinate. Repeat six times. Collapse on rug.
So there you have it. It could work. It incorporates variable speeds. Interesting enough that I dont think I could get bored so quickly.Speaking of getting bored while running...a few weeks ago I decided to run on my parents treadmill. Boring: the scenery didnt change. The couch was right there and I was feeling especially fatigued after a 7.1mph brisk jog lasting 3:36 minutes. You try running when you're super tired and the couch is calling to you, taunting you.
This summer I plan on running a 10k (Provo City Freedom 10k in July) and possibly a half marathon.
Thanks for reading! Good night and good luck!

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  1. Hi Katie! Love keeping up with you on FB and really LOVE your blog!