Saturday, April 30, 2011

Start of Summer

Well, I moved back to btown for the summer because I got an internship at LDS Living magazine. I have no idea what to expect. I know I'll be writing articles and doing some editing and probably some fact checking. But there were some methods to getting stories done in the journalism program and I don't know if they will work in the real world. For example, in school, interviews are done on your own time so you schedule them whenever (and whenever your sources can meet). But at my internship, I'll have set hours every day where I'm in the office. Do I set up interviews during that time? Do I always do interviews on the phone or do I leave the office? Do I lug my laptop with me as I am used to doing in school?

When I moved home a week ago, I was really nervous to leave my Provo crowd. There is a distinct culture there and I'm afraid to admit I became very accustomed to it. When I moved here I was reintroduced to the smell of cigarette smoke (dont find that at BYU) and everyone up here is Ute fans. So I wear my BYU sweatshirt with pride. I was afraid that because I am so shy, I wouldn't make friends very well. But my friend Chad has introduced me to a lot of neat people and I just feel more comfortable around them. I went to a party last night and it was so fun! I know, I hate parties but this was fun. Its so nice to be around people more my age. I'm hoping I can make a lot of new friends when I start attending my new ward.

This summer I'm going to Atlanta for a journalism trip. We will be reporting on the Young Ambassadors trip there. I have never been to the South so it should be fun and interesting. Later this summer I'm going to Portland for Jess and Laren's wedding. I'm excited to see Oregon and see this lovely couple finally get married. I am also looking forward to graduating in December. I've been working on getting my degree for what feels like forever. It seems like by now I should have a masters degree.

I've realized that I can dress like a homeless person at school and get away with it because a fourth of the student body also dress that way (either cause they like the look or cause they're poor like me) but now that I'm doing this internship, I have to dress nicely (business casual) which means I have to look a little more presentable than a homeless person. Also, I cant show up late to work like I can be five minutes late to class. On a positive note, it'll be nice to know I'm not getting graded on my articles. But they do impact my reputation and I'll never improve as a writer if I always treat articles like something to just get done.

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