Thursday, June 18, 2009

Talking to the dog...sorta

I feel like that little girl on that old LDS commercial where she tries to show a picture she made to her mom and her dad. No one will take the time to listen to her. So she shows her picture to the dog. I wanted to talk to my mom this morning. She was sick. I wanted to talk to another friend of mine this morning about running. We didn't have time for that in the conversation. So here I am talking to my blog.

I started running in the middle of May. I ran 6 days a week on my mission for exercise. I learned to like it. I came home and planned to keep running. However, Utah has a much higher altitude than New York, so I quit running quickly due to the fact that it was harder. I was not up for the challenge at that point. Fast forward to a year later. I've been wanting to do something for exercise. I liked running. I just needed a motivation. So I went and bought some running shoes. That got me excited. Most of my running shoes have been hand-me-downs so I was thrilled that these were MY shoes. Bran new. I had a pair of nikes in jr high and a pair of sauconys in high school but yeah. Anyway.

So then I got this idea that I would train for a 5k. On the mission I decided I wanted to do a bike race. When I came home from my mission, my friend Kristina was training for a triathalon. I have this tendency for always wanting to do what Kristina does (we were locker partners a lot in school, I followed her to Weber, lived in the same apartment complex as her, went on a mission just like she did) so here I am thinking, oh a triathalon seems cool, I want to train for that some time. I also have had an admiration for my aunt, who at the age of about 40, ran a marathon. That has been in the back of my mind as well. So here I am training for my 5k in July. Its not a very long race and one wouldnt think a lot of training is necessary for that short of a race. But for me, its a goal. And that goal has motivated me to push myself a little. There is no way I'd just go out and run longer than 5 minutes if I didnt have a goal to work toward.

I run on the streets of Provo. I dont like running on a track or treadmill because I dunno, it just seems too fake. Predictable? But one thing I dont like about running on the streets (aside from the occasional air pollution) is that its harder to track how fast I am running. I am figuring out how to do that now, but it has taken me a few weeks. When I first started running, I didnt care about speed--just distance. But now I am concerned with both. Today I calculated I am running roughly 5 mph. I'd like to be running around 6 mph. However, some of my daily runs include hills, so there is the potential that I might be a little faster if I wasnt running up hills part of the time.

The first week I started running, day one included a .5 mile jog. Day two was like .75 miles. Haha here I am a little over a month later and my "normal run" is 2.4 miles and this Saturday, my long run will be 3 miles. After the 5k, I'd like to be able to continue to slowly increase my distance. I'd like to be able to go do a 10 mile run and have it be a fairly decent workout but nothing that kills me (psychologically, physically, aerobically). And maybe if I continue to increase my distance in little increments, I could do a half marathon next summer. Or even a full marathon? Wow thats crazy to think.

So today I ran 2.4 miles in the morning. I feel so good throughout the day. I noticed when I was running shorter distances, I wouldnt get that same good feeling. My heart feels happy. Thats a good way to describe it. I dont know why I have to run longer than the standard 20 minutes to get that feeling. I think this is the feeling people are supposed to get after 20 minutes of exercise to get that cardio workout. But for me, it takes just a little longer. But it feels great.

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  1. Hi Katie! To get the pic at the top of your blog go to "customize" and at the top it should there should be a box that says "For What Its worth: Talking to the World. In that box click "Edit" Then just add your picture. Let me know if you need more help! Fun to see your updates and welcome back from the mission!! And good work running!!