Thursday, July 28, 2011

Live, I want to live inspired

There's that fleeting feeling in your soul when you feel pure hope and excitement. Lightness. Inspiration.

I've not always had a love for feeling inspired. It has only come in the past few years. I have always loved movies. But more recently I've gained an appreciation for those that make me think about something differently, ponder life or just feel an emotion.

I've always loved music, but again its more recently that I gravitate to music that moves me, that speaks to me, that I can connect with. I played the violin for seven years but I was never able to connect feelings into what I was playing. My music was emotionless.

My grandma was an artist. My mom is an artist. My sister is an artist. I always felt that because I couldn't draw, I was not an artist. And maybe I still am not an artist but I'm drawn more to art the older I get.

My mission trainer was on this kick when she trained me. She would ask anyone she came in contact with, "What inspires you?" She's an artist.

What inspires me? A lot of things. Movies. Music. Quotes. Paintings. Sculptures. Writing.

I have yet to feel inspired by dance. I know it is a form of expression but it doesn't yet speak to me.

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  1. Hey Katie,

    I'm Jessica Heiner's best friend Melissa and I'm putting together a shower for Jess. She wanted to invite you, but I need to get your email. Could you email me it? Thanks!!