Thursday, September 1, 2011

The date you wish you had

I had the most epic date last night. So I’m doing online dating on and last night I was supposed to meet this guy named Christian at the dollar theater. Well, he got there and he seemed really good looking. We go into the theater and he rips the ticket stub off for the ticket guy and says “so where’s our movie?” and it kinda rubbed me wrong how he did it. I was thinking, just let the poor kid do his job.

We go into the theater and talk for about 15 minutes before the movie started. He chose Pirates 4. I’d already seen it but because it was such a good movie I was willing to see it again. So like, he bashed on almost everything I liked in those 15 minutes. He bashed on Scion xB’s (my dream car). He bashed on iphones. He bashed on toms shoes. On the one hand, I really like someone who is opinionated and isn’t afraid to share it/argue with me. But he was just like, abrasive. Then the movie starts. Dude, this guy laughs so loud during movies. I was like, oh he’s that guy.

About an hour into the movie he was like “I’ll be right back, I need to go to the bathroom.” And I thought, this guy isn’t coming back. That’s the oldest trick in the book for bailing on a date. But I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. About 15 minutes later I realized it had been about 15 minutes. I said, I’ll give him 30 minutes. Maybe he was having a rough time in the bathroom. Maybe he had an urgent phone call. I gave him 30 minutes. After the allotted time, I said, “ok, well, I have seen this movie before and I have better things to do than sit here,” so I went home.

It’s okay for one or both parties to feel like a date isn’t going anywhere. And I think its polite to suggest ending a date early. If you’re not feeling it, you shouldn’t force yourself to stay. But to sneak out with some copout excuse of going to the bathroom…is weak.  I felt sad for about five minutes. Felt like that was a major slap in the face. But then I looked at it from another person’s point of view and I was like oh that’s funny. This is going to make for a great story to tell people. I should write an article about it or something.


  1. did he buy you some popcorn and a drink? if so...enjoy the movie with out the pest. if not, well enjoy the movie with out the pest.