Friday, November 11, 2011

Translating what a source says

This is perhaps the first old-fashioned print article I've written all semester. All my classes this semester are focused on other aspects of journalism, such as video, blogging, design and web. I've kind of forgotten that under some circumstances I like being a journalist and reporter. Maybe I shouldn't rule out reporting jobs. 

While contacting sources, sometimes we as reporters run into this situation: 

What they say: "The best person to talk to about this topic is so-and-so at such-organization. and we'd be happy to talk to you and answer your questions as best we can but so-and-so will be the best to talk to."

What they mean: We are a little knowledgeable on the topic, and we're likely to give you vague PR answers to  your questions, so you should contact so-and-so.

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