Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last Day of College

Today was my last day working at the Faculty Center. I've worked there for three years--the same amount of time I've been attending BYU. I also turned in my last project for college tonight.

The Faculty Center was almost the perfect college job. It was on campus, so I could go straight from work to class with very little commute time. It mostly worked around my school schedule. It was very low stress. The people were great. If I needed to take a day off work to study, my boss would support that. I didn't have to work holidays. The people were just amazing. I am so grateful for the people I got to associate and work with during my time there. It was hard not crying when I left the office today. But I kept myself composed. I learned so much working there from both the people and the projects. I really enjoyed helping Kent write his book and it was such a treat to see him finish it my second to last day. Kent is my Morrie.

After work, I proceeded to the Brimhall for the last time where I would finish my final projects for Backpack Journalism and Publication and Design. I went to print my magazine and had some problems. The first printer was out of toner and I couldn't do anything about it. The next printer wouldn't communicate with Pharos so that I could actually print. Then I went to the JSB. The kiosk there wouldn't let me log in. So I went to the JFSB mac lab. I successfully printed my project. But their printer was crap and my magazine looked so bad. So I went to the office to use the wonderful Phaser printer (it prints with wax instead of toner). I got some pretty nice printouts for the project. Then I failed at cutting them down to size but eventually finished. Walked back to the Brimhall to turn in my project and then back to the Law School parking lot where I was parked. I probably broke a record today for number of times I walked across campus and back.

My celebration for being done: I had some money left on my signature card so I bought myself a Cactus Cooler out of the vending machine. I have never had one of those. That stuff is good! It was a nice little celebration.

Tomorrow, I start my new job as a writer for BnBWebsites. I am so excited for this job. The people I will be working with seem amazing. I think I will develop a lot of skills while working there. And I am just plain excited to be helping build websites.


  1. Good job Katie. Now let's see if I can get done with school...

  2. Wow, printing the project sounds like it was a project all by itself. Crazy.
    Congrats on finishing :) and I can't wait to hear about your first day!

  3. Congratulations and best of luck! I know you're going to love your new job!