Thursday, March 5, 2009


There needs to be more analysis done on the restroom. What a great sanctuary from the world. First of all, the restroom helps you fulfil one of your physiological needs. We talked about Maslow's hierarchy of needs in my mcomm class last night so that is on my mind. You can literally escape the world in the restroom. Once you enter that stall, no one will bother you for nearly anything. Need a personal moment? Hide in the restroom.

Its also great that a lot of womens restrooms have couches and chairs to chill if you need more time away from most of the public.

I'm writing this blog specifically because I was in the restroom today and this girl whom I dont know just decided to compliment me on my shoes. It was great! And it happened in the restroom. It made my day.

Oh and I promise there is a blog coming on my analysis of He's Just Not That Into You. Coming Soon.....

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